General medicine

General consultation: Dermatology, Gastroenterology, Cardiology, Ophthalmology, etc ...
Individualized advice for the care of your animal.
Comprehensive service from the birth of your puppy.
Special advice on geriatric animals (from 7 years): We want to anticipate the problems that may appear in your older animal so that it ages happily.
Preventive medicine: Vaccines and deworming.
Implantation and processing of microchips and passports.
Dietetic-nutritional advice.
Procedures for traveling with pets.
Consultation specialized in cats: We know that they are not small dogs! That is why we treat them differently, like cats.

Image diagnosis

Digital radiology. We have advanced digital radiology equipment that allows us to obtain images of a much higher quality than traditional images in seconds.
Ultrasound: abdominal, thoracic and echocardiography. Ultrasonography is a fundamental method to complement medical diagnoses. It is a painless, non-invasive technique that allows us to quickly obtain information using high-frequency sound waves (ultrasound) that are transformed into images.


We have our own laboratory to carry out blood tests (hemogram and blood biochemistry), stool analysis, urinalysis, light microscopy to perform cytologies ... which allows us to approach the diagnosis or follow the patient's evolution in a fast and precise way, in the same visit.
For certain more specific tests (antibiograms, special biochemistry, pathological studies, serologies, allergy tests ...) we work with specialized external laboratories and in 1-2 days we obtain the results.


Surgery is, in many cases, the only and definitive solution for some of the problems that arise in the veterinary practice. Our clinic is prepared to carry out soft tissue surgery and anesthetic monitoring of routine interventions, scheduled in advance, such as sterilization or breast tumors, as well as other urgent ones, such as gastric dilation / torsion, caesarean section or pyometra.

Day hospitalization

We offer a quiet and controlled space for those pets that require intensive treatments, serum therapy and post-surgical care.

Home visits

We offer a home care service (consultations, vaccinations, microchip, check-ups, blood collection ...), limiting the stress caused by traveling to the veterinary center of your dog or cat and offering greater comfort.
We recommend this service for large families and large animals with transportation difficulties.
* In emergency situations, we recommend consulting in our clinic for the ease of use of facilities for the proper diagnosis of your pet.


Illnesses or accidents do not understand schedules. You can find us by calling 648 614 287


In our clinic you will find a great variety of products for your animals; feed, accompanying feeding in pathologies, wet food, snacks, milk for puppies, dewormers, pipettes, hygiene products and much more.

External specialists

We have the collaboration in our own center, for those cases that require it, of the best veterinary specialists (Ophthalmology, Echocardiography, Physiotherapy ...) thus offering a more complete service to our patients.